The operation theatres and laboratories are critical in the successful operation of a medical or scientific institution. They have to be clean and are easily kept clean. Which is where KJcraft Solid Surface comes into the picture.

Strong and Healthy – Our solid surface is made with the butt-joint system, to create a smooth seamless work surface for you to work on. No more porous joint, which means there’s no place for pathogens to hide. When you place is clean, so will your job be.

Look can cure – KJcraft Solid Surface will add a new dimension to your atmosphere because it is aesthetically pleasing. The beauty of a place no doubt contributes towards creating the right environment, in line with its purpose. With our surface, you can easily create you desired environment that best suit your activity. And at no additional cost too, no matter how specialized your need may be.

KJcraft Solid Surface is great material which delivers chemicals, abrasion, non porous and heat resistance material make the material an ideal material for laboratories worktops in University Labs, Dental Labs, Research Lab, Commercials, Education and Hospital Facilities.