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Your home, office, place of all reflect upon as the owner. Now you can have a product that is both beautiful and functional, regardless of the type of the application. Whether You need to beauty your kitchen or bathroom, or you want a solid and sturdy surface for your workplace, KJcraft Solid Surface has just the right surface. Not only that, KJcraft Solid Surface has been proven as the perfect finish for a multitude of applicants including office, laboratory, service area, even boardroom.

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Solid Surface?

Most solid surface materials combine two main ingredients: natural mineral (the filter) and a resin (the binder), along with various additives such as MEKP, pigments. It is homogeneous mixing process of inert filler and acrylic resin which produces a Solid Surface products that can be used for decorative or industrial applications. The finished product has excellent mechanical and chemical properties.



18 years experience in the industry, over 100 fully committed manpower, 12years warranty on KJcraft Solid Surface — Be fully assured that our product & workmanship will meet your expectation.

25,000sf facility ready to be inspected & assessed

As the manufacturer, we able to customize the design at affordable prices because you deal directly with us.

Give to us your imagine color and we will made it come true, as all color can be customized specifically for you.

As a SIRIM-endorsed manufacturer, we emphasis quality in each of our offering.

We have an efficient delivery system, to let you have what you need the moment you want it.

We are one-stop center, able to consult you on the design as well as budget.

We are one-stop center, able to consult you on the design as well as budget.

We are one-stop center, able to consult you on the design as well as budget.

Our after sales service is efficient and provide uncompromising service regardless the size of your project or budget.

We offering the local products with international standard at affordable price

Our people – technical and sales – are well trained to advise you on products that best match your needs and budget.

All our products are certified and endorsed by standards governing bodies, locally as well as internationally.

We have ample project reference as assurance of our quality

All our products come with a performance guarantee

Have completed numerous projects for many reputable clients.

You get 12 years warranty on Solid Surface at no extra cost (Industrail Standard : 10 years)


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