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Why Choose KJcraft Solid Surface....

  1. Manufacturer

  2. Customized Design

    • as the manufacturer, we able to customize the design at affordable prices because you deal directly with us.
  3. Customized Colour

    • give to us your imagine color and we will made it come true, as all color can be customized specifically for you.
  4. Quality Conscious

    • as a SIRIM-endorsed manufacturer, we emphasis quality in each of our offering.
  5. Fast Delivery

    • We have an efficient delivery system, to let you have what you need the moment you want it.
  6. One Stop Centre

    • We are one-stop center, able to consult you on the design as well as budget.
  7. Direct Dealing & Cost Effective

  8. Inhouse Fabricator

  9. After Sales Maintenance Service

    • Our after sales service is efficient and provide uncompromising service regardless the size of your project or budget.
  10. Competitive

    • We offering the local products with international standard at affordable price
  11. Manpower & Skill

    • Our people - technical and sales - are well trained to advise you on products that best match your needs and budget.
  12. Products Certification and Test

    • All our products are certified and endorsed by standards governing bodies, locally as well as internationally.
  13. Project Reference

    • We have ample project reference as assurance of our quality
  14. Product Guarantee

    • All our products come with a performance guarantee
  15. Expertise

  16. Long Lasting Investment.

KJcraft Solid Surface Characteristics
  1. No jointing lines

  2. Hygienic
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Stain-resistant
  5. Impact and scratch resistant
  6. Chemical resistant
  7. No color fade
  8. Easy to clean
  9. Flame, Heat, fire-resistant
  10. Zero water absorption

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