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What is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is the perfect product of our day. It is truly a space-age material, having been invented since the first walked in space some thirty-odd years ago.

Like the computer it is constantly involving and industry expert say that the we havenít even began to realize its potential application for home and industry.

Over the years many have experience with the product, creating everything from kitchen top and counter top granite-like statues. Its not only a material to produce products, but it is a solution for everyday life.

Whatís In It?

Most solid surface materials combine two main ingredients: natural mineral (the filter) and a resin (the binder), along with various additives such as MEKP, pigments. It is homogeneous mixing process of inert filler and acrylic resin which produces a Solid Surface products that can be used for decorative or industrial applications. The finished product has excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

What Does It Do?
  1. Its solid. The sheet or shape must be Ďhomogeneousí that is the color / texture must be absolutely consistent through out every part.. This make it very likely gel-coated products, such as cultured marble or plastics laminate. It also makes it a little bit like wood but without knots or grain.

  2. Itís machinable. It is machinable with woodworking tools. This might be what gives Solid Surface much of its magic. It is immediately tied into an ancient tradition - woodworking, cabinetry, joinery-that remains fresh and vital as ever. Most wood workers love Solid Surface because they say, you can do so much with it. Craftsmanship and the skill of the artisan remain an integral part of the Solid Surface picture. Part of being machinable, is it repairable and renewable.

  3. Itís hard. There is a range here, but it is not clearly defined. The test and Specification data sheet are suppose to clarify things (steel balls dropped from different heights, ie maximum of 4 meters but not sign of facture was observed).

  4. Itís non porous. Chemically and technically, nothing is 100% non-porous but Solid Surface is very close. It is unaffected by water nor changes in humidity.

  5. Itís stain and chemicals resistant. Most household staining agent and chemicals and even some industrial chemicals will not damaged it.

  6. Itís fire resistant

  7. Itís endures. Solid Surface, unless damaged, should remain unchanged for how long? Theoretically, based on what we know about the chemistry of the stuff, hundred of years is not far-fetched. The oldest installation of 29-30 years certainly seem to support this conclusion.

  8. It is esthetically pleasing. It has beauty, a look, a Ďfeelí. It is decorative surface, made to seen.

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