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  p r o d u c t s   &   s e r v i c e s  -  R E S I D E N T I A L


The unbeatable combination of contour and texture enable KJcraft Solid Surface to fit beautifully into a varieties of bathroom and kitchen environments. Its contemporary fine grained texture adds character. The subtle sensuality on its contour create comfort. The beauty of KJcraft Solid Surface does not stop with its good looks. The need for few if any seams, plus the gentle contour into which this solid polymer material can be shaped, also means that KJcraft Solid Surface has no crevices to catch grime. KJcraft solid surface with its built-in resistance to thermal shock, impact, stain and discoloring are made to last.

When you considering to use KJcraft Solid Surface you need to consider that it will deliver a top notch performance for every elements of you new home. KJcraft Solid Surface has been proven as the prefect finish for the multitude of applications including vanity, kitchen top, cabinet, column cladding, wall cladding, cornices and other are that need a special touch.