h o m e

m a i n

a b o u t   u s

o u r   p h i l o s o p h y
a b o u t   s o l i d   s u r f a c e
c o l o u r s    s e l e c t i o n
p r o d u c t s   &   s e r v i c e s
p o r t f o l i o
w h y    u s
c o n t a c t    u s


  w e l c o m e







Your home, office, place of all reflect upon as the owner. Now you can have a product that is both beautiful and functional, regardless of the type of the application. Whether You need to beauty your kitchen or bathroom, or you want a solid and sturdy surface for your workplace, KJcraft Solid Surface has just the right surface. Not only that, KJcraft Solid Surface has been proven as the perfect finish for a multitude of applicants including office, laboratory, service area, even boardroom.

Deep beneath the surface beauty of products lies proven performance, attested to by SIRIM and other international standards bodies. This acknowledgement endorses the quality of our output and the US technology the we employ. It is no surprise then that our products are registered with Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor (PKK) and the Ministry of Finance, as well the only company in this company to be awarded an Enterprise 50 awarded by SMIDEC and MITI.